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What’s behind the fire that fuels Michael Thomas?

What’s the origin of Michael Thomas’ competitive streak, the likes of which Drew Brees says he has never seen? A never-ending need to make himself feel undervalued — and prove his haters, real or self-made, wrong.MORE

Andrus committed to Texas, senses ‘chemistry’

Elvis Andrus lets little upset him, including when it came time to make a final decision on his 2019 contract. The Rangers lost 95 games last season, and there may be more rough times ahead during the rebuild. But Andrus isn’t ready to abandon ship, at least right now.MORE

Westbrook not cool with Embiid after latest tussle

Russell Westbrook and Joel Embiid found another way for their personal rivalry to continue, thanks to Westbrook taking exception to a foul by Embiid with 1:46 remaining in the fourth quarter of Saturday’s 117-115 victory by the Thunder.MORE